Terms and Conditions – Venice 2024


This project is open to all contemporary artists of any age, religion, and nationality (except residents and taxpayers in Russia and Belarus).

All artworks must include your name and the title of the work. If applicable, framing must meet professional standards, with picture cord or wire for hanging. Please avoid attaching anything to the front, as it will be removed.

Operative clauses:
– The group exhibition MUSA PAVILION “The Land of Silence” Venice

Exhibition costs:
State costs to be borne by the artist:
– Participation fee
– Transport of the artworks (including customs fees, if required)
– Insurance of the artworks
– All trip expenses for the artist (flight, hotels, etc.)

Services Provided by Musa:
Musa will provide the following services:
– Exhibition wall space dedicated to the artist’s works
– Assistance with customs formalities, international shipping, and local transport
– Design and printing of invitation cards, posters
– Global and local press office, publicity, press, banners, totem, etc.
– Realization of the exhibition page on website and dedicated press releases
– Sett-up and sett-off of the exhibition
– Exhibition opening event with drinks and food
– Promotion on social networks

Palazzo Pisani Revedin
Address: San Marco 4013\ A , Venice , Italy
Tel: +393246099600
Person who receive : Natalia Gryniuk

Exhibitors May 18-27: works must be received until May 10
Exhibitors May 28-June 3: works must be received until May 22
Exhibitors June 3-10 : works must be received until May 29
Exhibitors June 11-17 : works must be received until June 5

If the work does not arrive by the specified deadline, Musa International is not responsible for the lack or delay of shipments or couriers.

1. Dimensions of Artworks in Exhibition:

– Painting with various techniques and materials ( the longest side 150 cm approx)
– Sculptures (70x70x70cm approx, 5 kg)
– Photography ( the longest side 150 cm approx)
– Installation, Performance, Video Art, Computer Art

Requirements for multimedia exhibition files: photos, videos, NFT with a resolution min. 300dpi.

2. Artworks on Sale:
All presented artworks in show can be on sale, without a limit price.

3. Insurance:

Insurance cover damage of third parties during the exhibition.
Insurance does not cover damage or loss to your work. Relevant contacts for insurance companies can be provided.

4. Selection:
All participating artists have been selected by MUSA.

5. Commissions:
MUSA does not charge a commission on the sale of any artwork. Transactions are between the exhibitor and the purchaser.

6. Delivery:
The shipment of works from the artist’s studio and the return of the work from MUSA storage or exhibition venue to the artist’s studio are the responsibility of exhibitors. Delivery of artworks after the exhibition is the exhibitor’s responsibility.

7. Indemnification:
Organizers are not responsible for loss, damage, or detention of artworks or any person or property during the exhibition.

8. Copyright:
Artists authorize Musa International and Serradifalco Communication to use provided images for publications, General Catalogue, website, social media, iPhone/iPad applications, and any other use related to the Exhibition. Artists declare themselves the legal owners of the copyright of the images.

9. Payment:
Payments may be made by Paypal, Visa, or MasterCard credit cards and Bank transfer. Refund terms are as follows:

– 45 days before the event: 100% refund
– 30 days before the event: 50% refund
– 15 days before the event: 25% refund

10. Force Majeure:
In case of circumstances outside their reasonable control, neither party will be responsible for compensating the other. In uncertain health situations due to Covid-19, the exhibition may be postponed, and materials will be sent by post to the artist’s indicated address.

11. Governing Law:
This Agreement shall be governed in all respects by Italian Law.