This is a project, open to all contemporary artists of any age, countries & religion. All artworks must have your name, title of work. If appropriate, framing must be to a professional standard with picture cord or wire for hanging. Please do not attach anything to the front, as it will be removed.

Operative clauses:
– The group exhibition MUSA PAVILION during 59th Biennale di Venezia

Exhibition costs:
State costs to be borne by the artist:
– Participation fee
– Transport of the artworks (also customs fees if required)
– Insurance of the artworks
– All trip expences for the artist (flight, hotels ect.)

THE WORKS MUST BE RECEIVED at Palazzo Pisani Revedin, Calle San Paternian, San Marco 4013\ A, Venice, Italy

Exhibitors July 12-18 : works must be received until July 6

Exhibitors July 19-25 : works must be received until July 13

Exhibitors July 26- Aug 1 : works must be received until July 20

Exhibitors Aug 2-8 : works must be received until July 27

Exhibitors Aug 9-15 : works must be received until August 3

1. DIMENSIONS OF ARTWORKS in EXHIBITION: Painting with various techniques and materials (max 100 x 100 cm approx) sculptures (70x70x70cm approx 5 kg) photography (max 100 x 100 cm approx); Installation, Performance, Video Art, Computer Art.

2. INSURANCE: Insurance does not cover damage or loss to your work, this is your responsibility. We can provide contacts for relevant companies.

3. SELECTION: All participating artists have been selected by MUSA.

4. COMMISSIONS: MUSA does not charge a commission of the sale of any artwork. Transactions are between the exhibitor and the purchaser of the work and any cheques and/or cash are the responsibility of the exhibitor at all times. Any sale of the artwork is the responsibility of the exhibitor.

5. DELIVERY: The shipment of the works from the artist’s studio in and the return of the work from MUSA storage to the artist’s studio is in charge of Exhibitors. Transport of the works from the storage MUSA at the exhibition and viceversa is in charge of MUSA. Delivery of the artworks after the exhibition: All artwork will be submitted in the next 30 days after the end of exhibition in carriage free. MUSA International Art Space not responsible for any theft, fire or vandalism that may occur during transport of the works from the artist’s home to that of MUSA and from MUSA to the artist, the return of the same.

6. INDEMNIFICATION: The Organizers exercise all responsable care for comfort and safety of exhibitors and their products but they are not responsible for the entire or partial loss, non-staging or detention of, or damage to same, or to any person or property, whether arising from accident or other persons or from any other cause.

7. COPYRIGHT: Artist authorize Musa International, Serradifalco Communication to use the provided images for the publications General Catalogue, website, social media communication, iPhone / iPad application and any other use related to the Exhibition. Artist declare himself to be the legal owner of the copyright of the images. If not, Artist declare that the images are provided – where necessary – with the relevant photographic copyright credits. Artist declare that the images provided are not subject to third-party rights and that Musa International will be indemnified should a third party claim any rights on the material. Artist allow Musa International to make a photographic documentation of the Exhibition and of exhibited Works, and to use it for for catalogue and for any other publication on digital support, internet widespread and any other media and for the institutional and promotional purposes of the association, also in future publications.

8. PAYMENT: Payments may be made by Paypal, Visa or MasterCard credit cards and Bank transfer. All payments are to be in one of the Monte dei Paschi di Siena Bank approved currencies; Euro (EUR). We accept part payment of client accounts only where full payment of the account is made by the stipulated due date in the invoice. All other payments must be paid in full and by no later than the final date for payment set out in the invoice. We do not accept any responsibility for refusal or reversal of payments, which shall be a matter between you and your credit card issuer.
The terms of payment cancellation:
45 days before the event- you will be refund total 100 %
30 days before the event- you will be refund 50 %
15 days before the event- you will be refund 25 %

9. FORCE MAJEURE: States that neither party will be responsible for compensating the other if they fail to meet their obligations because of circumstances outside their reasonable control. In case of uncertain health situation due Covid 19, and impossibility of realizing the exhibition MUSA PAVILION 2022, it will be postponed to the new dates. All the material will be sent by post to the address indicated by the artist.

10.GOVERNING LAW: This Agreement shall be governed in all respects by Italian Law.